• Becky Schoonover


The Darkside Of Virtual Staging

Everywhere you look people are talking about virtual staging.

Seems like a great idea! With the uncertainty of Covid 19 it stands to reason that virtual staging would be a great option.'s not.


Purchasing a home is STILL the most emotional decision anyone will make. And after being thrust into a trauma and panic based Pandemic, this is doubly so. When potential buyers look online, they are emotionally engaging in a home. But make no mistake...they WILL still view their top contenders in person.

So if a home is virtually staged (and especially if finishes are altered in the virtual staging, which is becoming common), what happens when they go in person?

Let down.


Maybe even feeling duped or that the home was misrepresented.

That's a BIG emotional boulder to get around, and doesn't leave your client with a good feeling, which means they are less likely to emotionally connect to that property.

We are hearing stories of this time and time again, and I believe, we will see some rules/laws/restrictions placed on virtual staging so that it is disclosed clearly.

Regardless...most home stagers are STILL staging VACANT listings.

You will NOT get the same return on virtual staging that you do on real staging.


Create a beautiful space that clients connect to and want to buy.

Hire a Certified Home Staging Professional (and in our case, a trained Interior designer and Master level Certified Home Staging Professional).

The staging statistics don't lie and they will get stronger as the market changes.

Some things shouldn't be virtual!


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