• Becky Schoonover

The Argument For Trend Free Design

We could probably all name the biggest trend of the last 3 years. Farmhouse.

With lots of white, graphic concrete tile, tons of texture, layered styling (if one cutting board is good, 3 is better), shiplap (thanks Joanna!)...our IG feed are full of similar feeling, albeit lovely spaces. Farmhouse can be beautiful, it can be livable, and its also very very trendy.

What makes a trend? By definition it is a popular taste at a given time. There are a few reasons I like to stay away relying on designing by trend.

First, trends become dated very quickly. If you plan to design an entire house around a trendy design, be absolutely sure you love it, even if it is no longer "in". It's expensive to change out that stunning black and white concrete tile.

Second, it is rarely highly personal. I challenge you to look at your IG feed and see if you can tell whose feed is whose based on the photos. Most likely you can't because they all look so similar. No judgement, but as an observation, when a design is built around a trend, it usually speaks more to the tenents that make up the look, rather than the people in the space.

I believe a home should be unique to the people who live there. There is beauty in a timeless space that is updated and personal. If you love a particular trend, see how you can introduce

small doses that you don't mind changing in the future. Or if you don't mind the expense of changing it and HAVE to have that statement floor...go for it, and enjoy every second of seeing it in your home.


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