Interior Design

Whether you are building a new home or renovating for a whole new style, how you design your space is important. 


This is what makes a SoulStory Design.


 Putting together the look that speaks to you and provides you with that "soul nourishing" sanctuary is our superpower. We design homes that tell the story of the people who live there.


What makes a SoulStory? 

A place of retreat and comfort, a sacred space where you can let the worries of the world float away and wait until tomorrow. A place where you can welcome family and friends with ease, perhaps work, create, & live fully on purpose.


Working with SoulStory is a magical experience. As you meet with Becky to discuss your desires, you’ll find she has a powerful gift for intuitively understanding exactly what you mean, even when you can’t quite put it into words. You’ll find that her suggestions and plans speak to the deepest part of you and are exactly what you’ve always wanted.


By using a combination of conversation, a survey that documents and categorizes your preferences and an intuitive, trained eye for design, SoulStory combines your desires for space utilization, eco-friendly materials, and the perfect ambiance to create the home of your dreams. When you step into your new design, you’ll step into a uniquely personal space that exceeds your every desire.

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