When you’re ready to sell your home, proper staging is a must-do essential. According to a recent Coldwell Banker survey, a home staged sells up to 80% faster and for a higher profit than a home without staging.

What is Staging?


Staging is designing a space to show off the assets of a home, while downplaying any negatives.


Staging helps create an emotional connection for a potential buyer, and lets them imagine themselves in the home.


SoulStory designs homes that make a buyer fall in love!

Our staging makes that happen effortlessly.

There is a difference in staging.


Being Certified SDP™ Master Level means we know design tricks to draw the buyer in. A common mistake is believing staging is just about having furniture in a space. It's more than that. The wrong furnishings (or no furnishings) can turn a buyer away.  Don't let that happen!


Staging is the art, science and psychology of connecting a home to its buyer.

At SoulStory, we custom design each home for staging.  For us, it's all in the details.  We own our own inventory, so every listing is custom, not at the mercy of available rental inventory.


 We are the secret weapon for the successful agent because we help homes sell faster!


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